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  • BVI COVID-19
    Verifiable proof that you are protected
    against the Covid-19 Virus


How Can I Get One?

What is
BVI COVID-19 DigiCert?

BVI COVID-19 DigiCert is a digital proof for residents and citizens of the BVI that shows their COVID-19 Vaccination status to relevant authorities.

What Does It Contain?

What Data Does The
BVI COVID-19 DigiCert Include?

The BVI COVID-19 DigiCert contains key information such as name, date of birth, date of certification, relevant information about the vaccine and a unique identifier. Any other data captured during the application process are not stored or retained when a certificate is verified.

For verification purposes, only the validity and authenticity of the certificate are checked.

Get A BVI COVID-19 DigiCert

What's The Process For Getting
A BVI COVID-19 DigiCert?

1 Step

Get a User Account

You just need a working email address and password to setup your account

2 Step

COVID-19 DigiCert Application

This application will ask basic questions to verifiy your vaccine information.

3 Step

Information Verfication

The Ministry of Health's Public Health unit will verify the information submitted

4 Step

COVID-19 DigiCert Delivered

Once approved your Covid-19 DigiCert will be delivered to the email address used

Vaccine Tracker

BVI COVID-19 Vaccination Tracker

Updated as of 6 October 2021 at 9:00 am

Total 1st DOSE Vaccinated
Total 2nd DOSE Vaccinated

Key Features Of The DigiCert?

Digital or Paper format

Digital and/or paper format for easy transport

QR Code

A scannable QR code, which verifies your information with our records

Safe & Secure

Information is safely stored and all information is encrypted

Free of charge

Digital and self printed version is free of charge (A small nominal fee will be charged, if desirous of getting a printed version from the Public Health Unit)